For all business our General Terms and Conditions are valid. Former Terms and Conditions are no longer valid. Our General Terms and Conditions are also valid for future business with any customer, as long there are no other mutual agreements.

for any legal dispute is the court that is responsible for our corporate centre, which is situated at the moment in Gäufelden-Nebringen.

is due net within 30 days as of date of invoice, payable to one of our bank accounts. We grant 2 % cash discount for payments from the European Union within 10 days on date of invoice. This is not valid for sample books. The amount for sample books has to be paid on receipt of the invoice without any deduction. In case of payment after due date we are allowed to demand interest with an interest rate of 8 % higher than the interest rate of the Federal Bank of Germany. It is left to us to raise a higher interest rate.

are calculated according to our valid price list which also contains our General Terms and Conditions as well as surcharges for minor quantities.

Delivery is made as agreed. Delay in shipment is no reason for termination of contract. We are not liable for possible resultant damages. Subsequent costs arising out of delays are not paid by us. Goods may be sent back after mutual agreement. They have to be delivered free of charge and are credited with 80 % of the goods’ value.

The consignment has to be examined immediately on receipt. Regarding damage in transit the forwar- der has to be informed immediately. Complaints have to be submitted to us in written form immediately. Complaints must be forwarded for in original.

After having cut the item or other processing any complaint is excluded. The examination of concealed defects has to be carried out with the processing of three stripes. Any contractual claims of the buyer be- cause of expenses due to rework are excluded. In case of a credit note for fairness reasons the amount can only be cross-calculated against future orders.

DWe retain title to the goods pending payment in full of all our contractual claims. We herewith authorise buyer to sell or process the goods in a proper business transaction, but not to pawn or transfer the ow- nership as security on a debt. The customer or his buyer will not acquire title to the goods until complete payment of any open amount to us has been made. The disposal is allowed merely, if the buyer delivers to his customers only under lien. The customer hereby assigns its purchase price against his customers from the resale of our goods delivered to the company T47 BIOACTIVE TEXTILE WALLCOVERINGS GmbH.